Gathering is fun

We began with collecting positive energy

Have a sense of togetherness, care each others, maintain our attitudes and behavior as social beings is very necessary for this diverse life. Appropriate means to do this is by gathering activities.

Gathering activities possible to do by anyone, anywhere and anytime. Ideally, doing this activity is at a outing location, tourism or with natural nuances that will cool this togetherness.

Employee & Coorporate




Possitive Energy

Possitive Energy

Gathering activities will create positive energy by release joyous, awaken spirit, strengthen togetherness and eliminate differences that are offset by useful activities.

Amusement Together

Amusement Together

Everyone really needs a vacation to spend time as refreshing with their friends, their family their or co-workers. It is very difficult to find it, because it is full of daily activities.

Meet & Greet

Meet & Greet

The benefits of the annual gathering for friends, family, employees or companies in general is a friendship, meet and greet, share joyous and experience that is rarely done.

Things we do

View of Indonesia with a team that has experienced frequent gathering activities to provide our customers with a unique way and anti-mainstream. Based on our experience to climax gathering activities is two days with an overnight stay. The longer this activity will be carried out the more memorable and harmonious for the participants.

The characteristics of gathering activities that we provide consist of:

Energizer activity as a start to warm up

Some fun games to unite other groups

Eating together with a simple to luxurious concept

Music entertainment to warm the atmosphere to be harmonious

Shared outing to several tourist sites